Cleatech’s OFFICIAL product demo video 2014

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Free-Standing Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods from CLEATECH

6 Feet - Free-Standing Vertical Laminar Flow HoodsFree-Standing Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods can be used with any standard workbench.  Fan system is isolated from work area make it ideal for a vibration free applications such as microscope.

They incorporate 99.99% efficient HEPA (Also available in 99.999% efficient ULPA) integrated fan / filter modules that remove particulate airborne contamination to meet cleanliness requirements.

Our vertical laminar flow workstations provide a clean bench meet Class 100 Cleanroom  Classification  ISO 5, provide a clean environment ideal for the pharmaceutical, medical, food and industrial sectors for sterile manipulations, electronics, assembly of miniature mechanisms, any other application where clean conditions are required to protect the product from airborne contaminants.

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Among the TOP Cleanroom Vacuums – Tiger-Vac CR-1 ULPA 4

Tiger-Vac CR-1 ULPA 4 Gallons Cleanroom Vacuum , Dry Recovery
Available with a plastic or stainless steel recovery tank. This unit is equipped with a true ULPA Filter (U15) located downstream of the motor. This unit is equipped with a 3-stage filtration system consisting of an ULPA Filter (U15), Main Cloth Filter and Disposable Filter Bag. This unit is cleanroom compatible and can be used in the pharmaceutical industry. This unit has been designed for general cleanup in contamination controlled environments. This is a dry recovery only vacuum cleaner. All of our HEPA/ULPA vacuum cleaners are Aerosol Leak Tested before leaving our facility.


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Featuring: Eco-Efficient Balston Membrane Nitrogen Generator

Membrane Nitrogen Generators, HFX-1
Global Lab Supply offers Balston Membrane Nitrogen Generators which eliminate the inconvenience and the high costs of nitrogen cylinders and Dewars. Membrane Nitrogen Generators produce up to 99.5% pure commercially sterile nitrogen at dew points of -58°F (-50°C) from a compressed air supply.

They are ideal to work with Cleatech’s Nitrogen desiccator cabinets, N2 dry boxes, Nitrogen purge gloveboxes to decrease relative humidity and oxygen levels in the chambers.

The Balston Nitrogen Generators are complete systems ready to operate. The generators are freestanding and housed in an attractive cabinet. No electrical power required, just need a compressed air line.

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Featuring: High-Capacity Commercial Drying Cabinet from Staber

Commercial Drying Cabinet from Staber

Staber Large Capacity Commercial Drying Cabinets are used by Hospitals, Laboratories, Manufacturers, Commercial Cleaners and many others to dry a wide variety of items which cannot or should not be dried using conventional drying

Staber Large Capacity Commercial Drying Cabinets are designed to efficiently dry and remove moisture from a wide variety of items. They offer the ultimate in drying flexibility.

They boast a large 63.0 cubic feet of interior capacity, and come standard with 4 large-capacity shelves. Each shelf has 8 square feet of loading area – for a total of 32 square feet of total loading area on all 4 shelves.

Additional shelves can be ordered as accessory items if desired, for added drying capacity and flexibility. The doors swing wide and out of the way, for quick & easy loading and unloading of both larger and smaller items. c

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8 Door Clear Acrylic Cleatech Desiccator from Cleatech

1500 Series Cleatech Acrylic DesiccatorCleatech manufactures complete line of Acrylic and ESD Safe PVC, ESD Safe Acrylic desiccator, dry cabinets and Nitrogen purge cabinets in all sizes and configurations.

1500 Series Nitrogen purge desiccator cabinets with a heavy duty construction, airtight revolutionary door designs with one-piece gaskets, stainless steel door frame, full removable plenum chambers for uniform gas distribution and particle control is a perfect choice for your cleanroom and Laboratory storage needs.

Economical clear acrylic is ideal for general purpose processing. Amber is a ideal for UV protection,   Transparent Static-Dissipative PVC eliminates static charges keeping the dry box clean and it does not attract particles from the air. Clear Non-dissipative PVC is a good choice for operations with many corrosive chemicals.

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Type 1 Diabetes Successfully Reversed in Mice

Accounting for about 5% of diabetes cases, the Type 1 diabetes tends to occur more often among younger people. Without a cure, the effects of the illness can be quite debilitating. The immune system destroys the pancreatic beta cells, thus shutting off the body’s only source of insulin (a hormone that controls blood sugar). Newest therapy research has proven to have a reverse effect on the onset of Type 1 diabetes in mice.

In order to understand the pathological effect of diabetes, one must understand how antibodies work to protect our health/immunity. Basically, there are two parts to the immune system: the innate immune system, which we are born with and which attempts to fight off infections right away; and the adaptive immune system, which takes time to formulate a response that’s more specific to a particular pathogen. In this new study, scientists were specifically targeting a receptor cell (TLR4) that’s mostly found in the innate immune cells, such as dentritic cells. By doing so, they indirectly discovered an antibody that boosts TLR4 and reverses the onset of type 1 diabetes in mice.


According to Professor Ridgway (leading researcher of this study at University of Cincinnati), the cause of the reversal was the “preservation of the endocrine pancreatic beta cells that produce insulin. These cells are preserved from the auto-immune attack which is the hallmark of Type 1 diabetes.”..

While the TLR4 pathway in humans is similar to that of mice, there are still a few differences, so further study is required to see if the treatment will actually work on humans. Professor Ridgway says there is also a chance, if the therapy works in humans, that it will do so with an agonistic anti-TLR4 agent that is already approved, or under development.

Meanwhile, Medical News Today reported on another study presented at the same conference by researchers from the Intermountain Heart Institute at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, UT. The Intermountain study explains how type 2 diabetes risk in prediabetics may be combated by periodic fasting to work against the effects of insulin resistance.

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